Streets, Pedestrian Areas

Some applications require low level lighting to act as markers, define potential hazards or to illuminate architectural features. Our illuminated bollards all feature robust vandal-resistant luminaires & bases. Now available with LED.


The Aoraki combines performance with style. Our illuminated bollards are suited to a whole range of lighting tasks from footpath marker lights to amenity areas and carparks. They are available at a standard height of 1m, but can be supplied to other specified heights. Louvre Optics give precisely controlled lighting without the glare and waste often associated with other lit bollards.

Ingress protection: Head unit sealed to IP65.

Conventional Lighting;

Illuminated bollards can be used for area lighting. The Louvre optic conceals the lamp high up in the bollard head to minimise glare. A reflector above the lamp works in conjunction with a cone reflector below to project light down around the bollard and illuminate more effectively at extended spacing.

LED Lighting:

Energy efficient long life LED version is available. LED version has a reflective cone instead of louvres.


  • Base tube is 152mm (+/-) diameter galvanised steel.
  • Head casting corrosion resistant cast aluminium.
  • Glazing Tube: 5mm thick acrylic is standard.
  • Finish: Head and base tube painted with corrosion resistant urethane or polyester powder coated.
  • Screws: Stainless hex-head retaining screws for head assembly.


Lighting options;

  • 23w LED 4000k, 3000k or 2700K
  • SONT to 50w,
  • 230v, 11-23w eco lamp.

Gear is installed in bollard or head depending on lighting type.


  • All illuminated bollards can incorporate crests or logos.
  • Aluminium louvres come in white standard, black or silver. (not available with LED)
  • Most bollard designs can be adapted to take rail or chain.
  • Standard height:1000mm.


Aoraki steel bollards are available with;

  • Ground planted – Standard.
  • Ground stub with flange based bollard.
  • Flange based bollard – stand alone.


Available Styles