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Product specifications

The Karori luminaire, made of copper, is reflective of a number of different designs of gas lights, seen in Victorian England. It is both elegant and easy to maintain with a detachable LED tray.


Designed for easy maintenance and optical performance, the  interpretation is as advanced for its time as its Victorian forbear and preserves the elegance of the original.

  • Exceptional ease of maintenance via removable canopy
  • Ingress Protection – one piece glazing and foam gasket ensure complete lantern sealed to IP54
  • Robust copper construction for enhanced corrosion resistance and longevity

Control Gear: Fitted on an integral detachable gear tray for ease of maintenance.


  • Body: Copper
  • Top tray: Aluminium polyester powder coated
  • Glazing: High impact clear polycarbonate
  • Seals: Closed cell foam seal
  • Photocell: RTE P12 on request


LED Options:

  • Wattages – 21w to 33w (Reprogrammable for custom wattage)
  • Optics – Standard 7032 or 7022 cut off. (IES Available on request)
  • Colour Temperatures – 3000K & 4000K (Standard)
  • Glazing – High impact one piece polycarbonate glazing

Conventional Lamp Options:

  • High Pressure Sodium 50–150w
  • Glazings – High impact one piece polycarbonate glazing


  •  Frog mounted on pole top or wall bracket


  • Standard colours from our range (other colours available on request at an additional charge)


  • Standard copper
  • Polyester powder coat
  • Corrosion resistant urethane paint system


  • Autonomous flexible dimming profiles. (LED)
  • Telemanagement Controllers
  • Miniature photocell can also be fitted
Previously known as: Windsor Street
Available Styles
Windsor Urban Karori street illumination