Lighting Design


Windsor Urban offers a comprehensive lighting design service free of charge to clients. Not only do we produce designs from paper or CAD plans supplied by customers, we can also perform a site survey and prepare designs from scratch for new projects. Before, during and after a design is completed we can visit customers offices to partake in discussions for a project to ensure we match our designs to the customers requirements. When schemes are installed, we can assess the project by taking lux measurements as part of the site survey. Our aim is to provide thorough and well presented lighting designs to assist customers in meeting their targets within their time requirements.

Our team of highly skilled lighting designers uses the latest software to ensure a lighting design that complies with AS/NZS1158

Each lighting design is presented in a self contained project pack consisting of a layout plot complete with results and comprehensive design notes explaining the requirements we have designed to, details of lamp specifications, luminaires and all aspects relating to the project. Scheme visualisations, product information, general assembly drawings and quotations can also be included.

All we need from you is your development layout plan in autocad format. We’ll return it to you with a design that will comply with the category required for your development.


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