Ely Cradle®

ELY cradle offers style and performance to all applications from street lighting to pedestrian areas and carparks. Suitable mounting height 3–10m.

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NEW—Urban Classic range now available with LED.

Precisely-positioned, individually directed and controlled LEDs optimise light output while providing desired uniform distribution. 

  • Tool-less access to luminaire for ease of maintenance.
  • Ingress Protection – whole luminaire sealed to IP65.
  • Made in New Zealand.
  • LED visors are manufactured from high impact clear acrylic.

LED features

  • Cree XT-E LED’s.
  • Colour temperatures 3000k and 4000 K.
  • Colour rendering index 70.
  • LED module temperature protection.
  • Surge Protection 10kV/10kA.
  • TMS compatible.
  • Philips XITANIUM programmable driver.
  • Dimmable.
  • All photometric data is produced in a independently audited and accredited Phototmetric Laboratory, which is accredited by IANZ (International Accreditation New Zealand).
  • LED trays are assembled in a AS/NZS ISO 90001 factory.
  • Driver Design Life    > 85,000 hours.

Uprgrade and Repair

  • Removable LED tray enables easy upgrades to newer technologies.
  • NZ made, product can be repaired locally and replacement parts are available.

Body: Spun aluminium.

Glazings: Polycarbonate, acrylic or glass.

Latches: Stainless steel.

Cradle: Mild steel galvinised and painted.

Seals: Silicone rubber.

Finish: Corrosion resistant urethane paint system or polyester powder coated.



Finial Options:

  • Finial 3 is standard, 3 other options are available.

LED Options:

  • Wattages - 21w to 33w (Reprogrammable for custom Wattage).
  • Optics - Standard 7032 or 7022 cut off. (IES Available on request).
  • Colour Tempertures - 3000k & 4000k (Standard).
  • Glazing - High impact clear acrylic.

Coventional Lamp Options:

  • High Pressure Sodium 50–100w. 
  • Metal Halide 70–100w.
  • Diamond Optics.
  • Glazings - Clear polycarbonate or pressed toughened glass (teardrop, bowl or flat glass).       


  • Pole top with lantern suspended by cradle. 


  • RTE P12 on request.

Pole top mounting of cradle for ease of installation and accurate luminaire alignment Exceptional ease of maintenance via stainless steel over-centre latches.


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