KNIGHTSBRIDGE provides the high performance & flexible light distribution of Diamond Optic® in a familiar style of last century. Six-sided & a little wider than most, this luminaire can be mounted high and still retain its sense of proportion.

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NEW—now available in LED, contact us for further information.

Designed for easy maintenance and optical performance, the DW Windsor interpretation is as advanced for its time as its Victorian forbear and preserves the elegance of the original.

  • Diamond Optic® reflector system reduces light pollution and allows increased column spacings.
  • Exceptional ease of maintenance via removable canopy.
  • Ingress Protection - one piece glazing and foam gasket ensure complete lantern sealed to IP54.
  • Diamond Optic® provides a variety of light distributions appropriate to most lighting applications.
  • Robust copper construction for enhanced corrosion resistance and longevity.

Light Control: The WINDSOR features the patented Diamond Optic™ reflector system to give precisely tailored light distributions for a variety of lamps up to 150 watts. Other specialist reflectors may also be fitted. 

Control Gear: Fitted on an integral detachable gear tray for ease of maintenance.

  • Body: Copper.
  • Top tray: Zinc coated steel, polyester powder coated.
  • Glazing: High impact clear polycarbonate.
  • Seals: Closed cell foam seal.
  • Photocell: RTE P12 on request.

LED Options:

  • Wattages - 21w to 33w (Reprogrammable for custom Wattage).
  • Optics - Standard 7032 or 7022 cut off. (IES Available on request).
  • Colour Tempertures - 3000k & 4000k (Standard).
  • Glazing - High impact individual polycarbonate panels.

Coventional Lamp Options:

  • High Pressure Sodium 50–150w. 
  • Metal Halide 70–150w.
  • Diamond Optics.
  • Glazings - High impact individual polycarbonate panels.


  •  Frog mounted on pole top or wall braket.


Standard colours from our range (other colours available on request at an additional charge).


  • Standard copper.
  • Polyester powder coat.
  • Corrosion resistant urethane paint system


  • Automomous flexible dimming profiles.(LED)
  • Telemanagement Controllers.
  • Miniature photocell can also be fitted.
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