Medium Cannon–illuminated®

Some applications require low level lighting to act as markers, define potential hazards or to illuminate architectural features. Our illuminated bollards all feature robust vandal-resistant luminaires & bases. 

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The MEDIUM CANNON combines performance with style. The Windsor Urban range of cast aluminium bollards are suited to to a whole range of lighting tasks from footpath marker lights to decorative luminaires in busy pedestrian areas. They are available at a standard height of 1005mm. MEDIUM CANNON with Louvre gives precisely controlled lighting without the glare and waste often associated with other lit bollards.

The WindsorUrban range of cast aluminium bollards are all supplied in standard BS colours, reflective coatings and metallic accenting are available on request, and all bollards can incorporate crests or logos..

Area Lighting. Illuminated bollards can be used for area lighting. The Louvre optic conceals the lamp high up in the bollard head to minimise glare. A reflector above the lamp works in conjunction with a cone reflector below to project light down around the bollard and illuminate the ground the ground more effectively at extended spacing. 

  • Cast aluminium.
  • Lockable door to base, fitted wiht wood backboard and earthbolt.
  • Luminaire fitted with opal polycarbonate glazing, or clear polycarbonate when using aluminium louvres, or Cone Optic®.
  • Supplied with ES lamp holder as standard.

Alternative light sources with gear;

  • SON and HQI to 50w,
  • 50w MBF/U
  • MCF to 26w
  • SL18 or SL 25 compact fluorescent.
  • 230v, 23w eco lamp.

All illuminated bollards can incorporate crests or logos.

Polished aluminium louvres available with 50w lamps only.

Ground Spigot.

Most bollard designs can be adapted to take rail or chain.

Louvre Optic: High performance louvre system excellent for glre-free marker lighting or as a feature at pathway junctions, in amenity areas or carparks.

Glazing Tube: 5mm thick acrylic is standard. Polycarbonate is available on request.

Standard height:1005mm.


Supplied with flange plate for bolt fixing to ground spigot (sold seperately).

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