Newcastle - Bollard®

Windsor Urban Bollards are either cast aluminium, galvanised steel, or combinations of both materials. The NEWCASTLE bollard can be supplied with integral root for fixing permanently or with a flange plate as a removable and/or lockable bollard.

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The NEWCASTLE bollard design can be adapted to take rail or chain. Crests and logos can also be incorporated into the design. 

Supplied in primer finish as standard, at additional cost standard BS colour painted finishes, metallic and reflective accent coatings are also available, please enquire.

  • Height above ground: 970 mm (Alternative heights may be specified.) 
  • Root: 500 mm 
  • Diameter at top: 210 mm 
  • Diameter at ground: 225 mm

The NEWCASTLE bollard body is manufactured from tubular galvanised steel with cast aluminium embellishments.


Fixing: The NEWCASTLE bollard is available with an integral root in cast aluminium for permanent installation, or in either aluminium or galvanised steel with a flange plate as a removable and/or lockable bollard.



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