Optima Cradle®

CRADLE is a strong post-top variation on the OPTIMA theme. The cradle mount makes a globe or gimballed impression. Ideal for various uses from car parks to street lighting at mount heights from 4–8m.

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NEW—now available in LED.

Ingress Protection – whole luminaire sealed to IP65.

Uniform photometric distribution using our Diamond Optic® system.

Maintenance: Installation and relamping are made easy by releasing a moveable support arm and over-centre latches enable easy access to lamp and gear tray. Both the optic tray and the gear tray may be easily removed if access is required.

  • Body: Gravity cast and spun aluminium.
  • Access: Stainless steel over-centre latches.
  • Seals: Single piece silicone
  • Cradle: Hot dipped galvanised steel.
  • Entry: Die cast corrosion resistant aluminium.
  • Glazings: Polycarbonate.
  • Finish: Corrosion resistant urethane paint system or polyester powder coated.


  • Top Mount for direct fit mounting. (76mm od only)

LED lighting options:

  • Standard 21W - 40W.
  • Standard optics 7032 or optional 7022 with reduced back throw. 
  • LED Colour temperatures standard 4000k or optional 3000k.

Conventional lighting options:

  • Diamond optic system
  • 50–150w high pressure sodium
  • 70–150w metal halide


  • Polycarbonate bowl.


  • Standard colours from our range (other colours available on request at an additional charge).


  • 7 pin NEMA base - supplied fitted to lantern.
  • NEMA Photocells.
  • Automomous flexible dimming profiles.
  • Telemanagement Controllers.
  • Miniature photocell can also be fitted.
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