Pendant Waterford®

A successfull blend of high performance optics in a compact pendant mount luminaire. The classic style of WATERFORD suits a variety of applications from residential to small carparks and amenity areas.

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NEW—Waterford now available in LED

Best mounted at heights of 4.5–7.5m, control gear is housed inboard for extra robustness.

Light Control: All variations incorporate the patented Diamond Optic™ reflector system giving precisely tailored light distributions with a variety of lamps up to 100 watts. The Highbeam® refractor optical system is also available.

Control Gear: On-board control gear is fitted in the base and pre-wired to a retractable external connector block for easy installation.

Ingress Protection: The sealing system provides the entire luminaire with ingress protection of IP66.

Maintenance: Easy access to install and relamp is made by purpose designed over-centre latches. No adjustment is necessary, the luminaire is either open or closed.


Body: Spun aluminium.

Spigot: Zinc plated, paint or powder coated.

Top tray: Zinc coated steel, polyester powder coated.

Gear tray: Zinc plated steel.

Glazings: Clear polycarbonate or pressed toughened glass (teardrop, bowl or flat glass).

Latches: Stainless Steel.

Seals: Closed cell silicone rubber.

Finish: Corrosion resistant urethane paint system or polyester powder coated.


LED Options:

  • Wattages - 21w to 33w (Reprogrammable for custom Wattage).
  • Optics - Standard 7032 or 7022 cut off. (IES Available on request).
  • Colour Tempertures - 3000k & 4000k (Standard).
  • Glazing - High impact clear acrylic.

Coventional Lamp Options:

  • High Pressure Sodium 50–100w. 
  • Metal Halide 70–100w.
  • Diamond Optics.
  • Glazings - Clear polycarbonate or pressed toughened glass


  •  Pendant mounting with a 47mm od spigot. (AS/NZS 1158.6:2004)


Standard colours from our range (other colours available on request at an additional charge).

Finish:  Corrosion resistant urethane system or polyester powder coated


Available with Easy-fit™ entry connector for ease of installation and accurate luminaire alignment Exceptional ease of maintenance via stainless steel over-centre latches.


  • Pendant mounting with  BSP threaded connector available in a choice of two thread sizes or the 34od easy fit or 47od bayonet connector.
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