Now Available in LED. The STRAND A, B & C variants offer a range of luminaire dimensions proportionate to mount heights which range from 5.0–12.0m. The polycarbonate teardrop bowl is standard.

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NEW—Strand now available in LED

With Strand we have taken the greatest care to capture the innate grace that made this style as popular on the European continent as it was in Edwardian England. At the same time we have created a luminaire with a performance which matches the best modern designs. 


Body: Spun aluminium.

Spigot: Zinc plated, paint or powder coated.

Top tray: Zinc coated steel, polyester powder coated.

Gear tray: Zinc plated steel.

Glazings: Clear polycarbonate or pressed toughened glass (teardrop, bowl or flat glass).

Latches: Stainless Steel.

Seals: Closed cell silicone rubber.

Finish: Corrosion resistant urethane paint system or polyester powder coated.


Strand is avaliable in three sizes

  • Strand A — For mounting 9.5—12.0m. (IP65)
  • Strand B — For mounting 8.0—9.5m. (IP65)
  • Strand C — For mounting 5.0—7.5m. (IP66)

LED Options: 

  • Strand A - Not available
  • Strand B - LED config B
  • Strand C - See P range 

Coventional Lamp Options:

  • High Pressure Sodium 50–150w. 
  • Metal Halide 35–150w.
  • Diamond Optics.


  • RTE P12 on request.

Lamps: Typical lamp types are listed above. Most other types are also available, eg: CDM, CFL.

Photocells: RTE P8, P12 and others available with choice of switching levels & ratios.


Available with Easy-fit™ entry connector for ease of installation and accurate luminaire alignment Exceptional ease of maintenance via stainless steel over-centre latches.


  • Pendant mounting with  BSP threaded connector available in a choice of two thread sizes or the 34od easy fit or 47od bayonet connector.