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Taranaki Sign System

Taranaki Sign System


Supplied in primer as standard. Painted finish available at additional cost please enquire. The Taranaki sign system can be adapted to take rail or chain. Crests and logos can be incorporated if desired. 

Height above ground of the lowest finger arms is set to customer specification. Otherwise sign posts will be supplied at such a length that the height to the bottom of the lowest finger arm is 2100mm—when ordering please specify which finger arms are to go on which sign posts. 

  • Shaft diameter: 76 mm 
  • Root length: 600 mm 


Mild steel shaft with aluminium castings.


Gold highlighting can be added.

Posts are available with a choice of a ball top or a finial top.

Finger Arms: Double-sided cast aluminium. Cast lettering is supplied in Clarendon Bold font, with X height (capital letter height) of 31mm.

Fixing: Sleeve secured to post using grub screws.

Finish: Supplied in BS colours on request.

Finger Arms are available in wide (200mm deep)  and narrow (100mm deep) versions.



Available Styles
Windsor Urban Taranaki signage system

Taranaki Sign System