Prestige Subdivisions, City Communal Areas, Car Parks

The RUAPEHU combines performance with style. Our illuminated bollards are suited to a whole range of lighting tasks from footpath marker lights to amenity areas and carparks. They are available at a standard height of 1m, but can be supplied to other specified heights. 


  • Base tube is 152mm (+/-) diameter galvanised steel.
  • Head casting corrosion resistant cast aluminium.
  • Glazing Tube: 5mm thick acrylic is standard.
  • Finish: Head and base tube painted with corrosion resistant urethane or polyester powder coated.
  • Screws: Stainless hex-head retaining screws for head assembly.


Lighting options;

  • 23w COB LED 4000k, 3000k or 2700K (cone reflector)
  • HPS 50w (louvres)
  • 230v, 12w LED lamp. (louvres)

Gear is installed in bollard or head depending on lighting type.


  • All illuminated bollards can incorporate crests or logos.
  • Aluminium louvres come in white standard or black. (not available with COB LED)
  • Most bollard designs can be adapted to take rail or chain.
  • Standard height:1000mm.


RUAPEHU steel bollards are available with;

  • Ground planted – Standard.
  • Ground stub with flange based bollard.
  • Flange based bollard – stand alone.
Previously known as: Vector
Available Styles
Windsor Urban Ruapehu illuminated bollard