Subdivisions, City Communal Areas,
Standard Road Lighting


Ground planted or flange based in half metre increments from 4m to 10m.




Hot dip galvanised steel construction.

Our modern steel lighting poles are finished in a single colour using our industrial, marine grade paint system as standard to any BS5252 colour to provide a high-quality finish and appearance that will enhance any application.
Designs can feature from a single stylish, up to five outreach arms. A choice of finial options fitted to the column is also available.
Optional Amax castings are available and are corrosion-resistant cast aluminium. 
The Octagonal poles may be manufactured in custom heights to match the specifications of your order. Custom logos and crests can be fitted on the door of the pole and are available on request.
For other octagonal poles, refer to our parent company website – www.spunlite.co.nz

Available Styles
Windsor Urban Octagonal street pole and column base