City Communal Areas,
Standard Road Lighting

These poles were designed by Auckland Transport for Auckland Transport, however, they can be used elsewhere.


Any size you require. Prescribed ATCOP heights are 8m, 10m and 12m.


Contemporary, flange-based or ground planted options.


Poles are designed and made in NZ using quality steel and are hot dip galvanised then finished with a quality epoxy marine grade paint system.

Auckland Transport approved (ATCOP) for 8m, 10m and 12m heights.

ATCOP approved arms are:

  • Top spigot
  • Side spigot
  • Straight (Hobsonville) arm (1m or 2m lengths)
  • Passthrough (Woodcocks) arm

Banner arms are optional.

Some customisation is allowed. If you require another door in order to power Christmas lights, we can add one to the design.

Straight arms are the preference, but this is a bespoke product so can be whatever you require.

Available Styles
Windsor Urban Tamaki street pole and column signage